28 February 2010

It's all uphill from here

I ran to where the pavement ends. When I turned around to head back home, the hill my house perches on loomed before me. Dread crept into my mind: It’s all uphill from here. I chased it away as I continued my trek.

Why is it, in this age of comforts and conveniences, that I allow myself to be dragged into the orbit of negativity?
As I ran, I listed the bounty gathered around me, all that I should feel grateful for and which I too often take for granted. In addition to the usual family, friends, and fortunate situations we all find ourselves in, these found their way to my heart:

-I live in the greatest, free-est country on earth.
-My husband surprises me with his ability to remind me to slow down and be easier on myself.
-My daughters are an interesting mix of true-as-a-compass and wild-as-a-rock-star, in addition to being sweet, smart, and sensitive.
-A weekend comprised of a minor snow storm, Tim’s green chile pork, Patagonia yoga pants, good books, and a cozy spot by the fireplace.
-I was completely inspired by the friend of a friend who set a goal of taking and posting a photo daily for a year. I’ve been intending to write for some time now, and so I set a goal of posting a blog once a week for the next year.

At the approach of the hill, where the serious incline began, I heard the snowmelt running in the ditches along the road and dripping from the trees. The clouds tumbled across the sky, and up, up I ran. At the turn near the top, almost home, the valley stretched out below me, the fog shrouded the mountains in the distance, and snow spotted the hills nearby. This life, it is uphill sometimes, but the view… Yes, the view.

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