23 May 2010

Homecoming Dance

brand new shoes heaped on the gym floor

caught in the blinking lights
a lucky pair clings to one another
creating a single being
the envy of the crowd

mingling scents of
body odor and bandaids

a shy guy with shrugged shoulders
wider than his self-confidence
shuffles alone
fists stuffed into the pockets
of his nicest pair of jeans

she waits on the bleachers
chin propped on fist
wishing she didn’t know
that Prince Charming is a myth

girls in groups
glide in and out of the restroom
shod in new pantyhose
whispering and giggling
comfortable only in the herd

guys push and shove each other
frustration and testosterone
uncomfortable in their new collared shirts

mumbled words exchanged
onto the floor they walk
she turns, shoots a wild smile at the herd

her arms slung awkwardly over shoulders
hands suspended in the tense air
should she touch his too-long neck
while his fingertips dampen
watering the flowers on her dress

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