06 February 2011

Fingernail Moon

You saw me huddled
with the Others around the
fire pit in
the darkness on the edge
of the winter desert
on the edge of the bright city
just within a sphere of light
and heat.
The Others, laughing drinking
talking daring calling
within the glow and warmth
sharing that
camaraderie that emerges
easily after a few.
In the black blackness
of the starless sky,
I caught a glimpse
of you smiling,
a darkened sphere
with just
a sliver of silver
light without heat
like a shiny spoon,
and I wanted to call
to the Others,
Look! The moon!
but I sensed the Others
not like me
and so I did not,
did not share.
The Others
laughing drinking
did not,
did not notice
our secret:
you smiling at me from
far across the sky.

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