18 May 2013

Guest post: Arden, age 9

Crazy Horse

One day I was sittin’ on the range
when my horse started to act kinda strange.
He started buckin’
He reared up in the sky,
And I thought to myself, “Oh my!”
He galloped, scared away the crows.
Then he disappeared out of sight.
I started to get up, thinking
I might catch him, I might.
He came back toward me, chargin’ like cattle in a stampede,
Then jolted to a stop right in front of me.
One day I was sittin’ on the range
When my horse started to act kind strange.

(Arden's 1st place poem, as judged by the Cowboy Poets.  She'll read this at the Cowboy Poet Gathering in August.)


  1. Simply Awesome! Great work, Arden! Have fun at the Cowboy Poet Gathering!

  2. What beautiful writing, and a great accomplishment to be recognized for it in this way! Reading at the Cowboy Poets' Gathering ... how cool! Super proud of Arden, Mrs. Shelly from Primavera, aka Naomi's Mom :)