02 April 2019

A New Focus

This blog has been radio silent for several months now.  I am revising and rechanneling this website and repurposing it so that it can serve as a Global Education Guide for my Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms Fellowship, in addition to continuing as a mode of self-expression.  I learned in August that I was awarded this prestigious fellowship.  Throughout the fall I was committed to an intense and rigorous course to learan all things related to Global Education and this revised website will serve as my capstone project.  This June I will travel with a small cohort of teachers to Peru to explore and learn about the school system there.

Ultimately this website will serve as a resource to anyone who is interested in learning about Global Education and implementing it into their lives, classrooms, schools, communities, etc.  Wanting to share the world with others was and remains a huge reason for my becoming a teacher.  Being part of this program has opened my eyes to the huge potential of what that can truly look like.

I spent three whirlwind days in Washington DC in February, completely missing the Blizzard of '19, which envelopped my community.  I met my amazing Peru Crew cohort -  a total of ten fantastic teachers with whom I will travel and work with this summer.  We experienced several incredible workshops to prepare us for our international field experience and to help us implement global education into our classrooms, schools, and communities.

While I still intend to write regularly and share those pieces here, much of my energy and focus will be on creating a platform to share the resources and experiences regarding my global education journey and to invite you along with me.

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